We Provide a wide range of automation services suitable for small to medium sized companies who are looking to improve their productivity.


Full engineering service for automation machinery, for production, prototyping or test. Full machine design cycle is available, from initial specification through to detailed design (mechanical, electrical, control and HMI), manufacturing support as required (specifications, manufacturing or manufacturing supervision of 3rd party),  commissioning and service. 

Manufacturing and engineering services can be provided not only for new designs but also for modifying, adapting or improving existing designs or machines.


General design services for electrical equipment; both for new build or modifications to existing equipment. All work is carried out to latest standards. We have experience in ATEX.

We can offer general mechanical design engineering services & consultancy; whether for prototypes, test equipment or products intended for batch production. We work closely with manufacturers to deliver quality design and production.


We can design and implement PLC based control systems for most complex systems including:

  • PLCs and Controllers
  • Communication Networks
  • Distributed Control & I/O Units
  • Sensors and Data Acquisition
  • Actuators & Drives HMI systems
  • Motion Control 

Software and configuration both for control devices (PLCs, Drivers and Controllers), HMI systems (SCADA systems, touch screens, data screens, control panels) and communication devices and networks.


Our knowledge and expertise in automated machines allows us to offer service & maintenance of complex machinery. A complete servicing & maintenance contract is available for all our machines and designs.


Our range of warehouse robots has proven to be cost-effective as well as flexible and powerful enough to cope with the most demanding tasks. They can be tailored to fulfill your requirements including long loads, pallet moving, stocking and any desired material handling. They can be supplied as an stand alone equipment or integrated in existing or on-purpose facilities. To complement the warehouse robots additional equipment like loading stations, working stations or transfer units can be supplied. Complete projects involving the storage elements, transfer and handling units and all required equipment can be developed on request.

Our Process

Formal Specification

Concept Prototyping

Detailed Design

Design Review